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TrønderEnergi Nett and NTE Nett are now Tensio

From November 1 2019, TrønderEnergi Nett and NTE Nett changes their name to Tensio.

The Company, now named Tensio, is responsible for supplying 250.000 customers through Trøndelag, and becomes Norway’s second largest power grid company.

Facts about Tensio:

  • Norwegians second largest power grid company
  • Builds, operates, maintains and renews the power grid in Trøndelag
  • Administration center in Stjørdal, and operating headquarters in Trondheim and Steinkjer
  • The customers in Tensio are divided between Tensio TS (In the south of Trøndelag) and Tensio TN (In the north of Trøndelag), which corresponds to former TrønderEnergi Nett and NTE Nett
  • 500 employees
  • In charge of 29.000 km cabel in hill, air and sea, 13.000 substations, 100 transformers substations
  • Turnover NOK 2 billion pr year
  • Owned by NTE (40%), TrønderEnergi (40%), and KLP (20%)
  • Trygve Kvernland is CEO and Kristian Aa chairman of the board

If you need to contact us or you need more information you can call + 47 74 12 15 00, or send us an e- mail to: 
Trøndelag south: [email protected]
Trøndelag north: [email protected]

Trøndelag south covers the geographical area from the former Sør-Trøndelag county.

Trøndelag north covers the geographical area from the former Nord-Trøndelag county.

These two counties are now named Trøndelag county.